ضرب المثل انگلیسی

ضرب المثل انگلیسی

ضرب المثل انگلیسی

English_persian dietioary of proverbs

Accusing the time is but excusing ourselves
از ماست که بر ماست
To act desperately
دل به دریا زدن
Action is the proper fruit of knowledge
عالم بی عمل همچون درخت بی ثمر است
add insult to injury
گل بود به سبزه نیز اراسته شد
After sorrow comes joy
پس از هر گریه خنده ای است
All fellows in football
بازی سراشکنک دارد سر شکستنک دارد
All men think all men are  mortxl but the mselves
مرگ خوبه اما برای همسایه
All things come to those who wait
گر صبر کنی زغوره حلوا سازی!
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy
خر که کمتر نهند بر روی بار     بی شک اسوده تر کند کار
Always have two strings to your bow
کار از محکم کاری عیب نمیکند
Any port in a storm
لنگه کفش کهنه در بیابان نعمت است
April and may the keys of the year
سالی که نکوست از بهارش پیداست
As easy as A B C
مثل آب خوردن ساده است
As like as two paes (in a pod)
مثل سیبی که از وسط نصف کرده باشند
As poor as a church mouse
آه در بساط نداشتن
As you make your bed so you must lie in it
هر که خربزه می خوره پای

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انواع سوال ها قسمت دوم

1 Do peope in your country enjoy any of these sports or activities?
2 How often do you exercise?
3 do you ever watch tv in the evening
? do you play sport4
5 what do you do on Saturday morning?
6 do you do aerobics at the gym?
7 who"s your favorite athlete?why?
8 who are three famous athletes in your country?
9 do you ever watch sports on tv?which ones?
10 what are two sports you don"t like?
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انواع سوال ها قسمت اول

1What s your name?
2How do you spel your last name?
3What do you people call you?
4Where is your father?
5Who s majid?
6Where are you and mother from?
7How are your classes?
8Are you ali?
9Is ali fram mexico?
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داستان سه اتاق در جهنم

A man dies and goes to Hell. The Devil meets him at the gates and says  "There are three rooms here. You can choose which one you want to spend eternity in

The Devil takes him to the first room where there are people hanging from the walls by their wrists and obviously in agony

 The Devil takes him to the second room where the people are being whipped with metal chains

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داستان زنی با سرو صورت زخمی...

A woman goes to the doctor, beaten black and blue.....
زنی با سر و صورت کبود و زخمی  سراغ دکتر میره

Doctor: "What happened?"
دکتر می پرسه: چه اتفاقی افتاده؟
Woman: "Doctor, I don't know what to do.Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp..."
خانم در جواب میگه: دکتر، دیگه نمی دونم چکار کنم.هر وقت شوهرم مست میاد خونه، منو زیر مشت و لگد له می کنه.

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داستان طاووس و لاک پشت

داستان کوتاه انگلیسی با ترجمه فارسی_طاووس و لاک پشت(5)
The Peacock and the Tortoise 

ONCE upon a time a peacock and a tortoise became great friends. The peacock lived on a tree by the banks of the stream in which the tortoise had his home. Everyday, after he had a drink of water, the peacock will dance near the stream to the amusement of his tortoise friend.
One unfortunate day, a bird-catcher caught the peacock and was about to take him away to the market. The unhappy bird begged his captor to allow him to bid his friend, the tortoise good-bye.
The bird-catcher allowed him his request and took him to the tortoise. The tortoise was greatly disturbed to see his friend a captive.

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داستان شلواری

The year is 1853, and the palace is California. People are coming to California from many countries. They are looking for gold. They think that they are going to get
rich. Levi Strauss is one of these people .He’s twenty-four years old, and he too want to get rich .He is from Germany. He has cloth from Germany to make tents for the gold miners

A man asks him: What are you going to do with that cloth

Strauss answers: I’m going to make tents

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اصطلاحات کامل انگلیسی قسمت سوم


583- after one`s own heart

- well-liked for agreeing with one`s own feelings, interests and ideas

My new boss loves to go fishing every weekend. He is a man after my own heart.

584- at heart

- in spite of, in reality

He seems to be very angry all the time but at heart he is a very gentle person.

585- break one`s heart

- make very sad or hopeless

It broke my heart to see the woman fall down during the race after she had tried so hard.

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اصطلاحات کامل انگلیسی قسمت دوم


507- absent-minded

- forgetful

Our neighbor is very absent-minded and is always getting locked out of his house.

508- armed to the teeth

- fully armed, having many weapons

The robbers were armed to the teeth when they robbed the bank.

509- at or on the tip of one`s tongue

- at the point of being said, almost remembered

My former teacher's name is on the tip of my tongue and I will soon remember it.

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اصطلاحات کامل انگلیسی قسمت اول

460- apple of one`s eye

- someone or something that one likes a lot

The little girl is the apple of her grandfather`s eye.

461- back to the salt mines

- back to work, humorous expression to express going back to unpleasant work

"Well, lunch is over so let`s go back to the salt mines for the afternoon."

462- bad egg

- a bad person, bum

That man is a bad egg so you should try and avoid him if you can.

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